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BRINGS IN New Customers The others only send texts to customers you already know... FOR ANY ORGANIZATION, NOT JUST MERCHANTS... OK, SHOW ME THE NUMBERS... INCREASED ENGAGEMENT MEANS
blank Merchant Login Here By sharing your promotions with your community thru directory services and social media platforms


How It Works


Text message marketing, more commonly known as Mobile Marketing*, is a permission-based form of advertising that takes advantage of the massive popularity of text messaging services.


*And if you're not selling something and just need to engage your audience, you can use CliqLocal for any form of Mass Communication






CliqLocal Mobile & Text Marketing gets you
3X the reach of your Promotions over others by:



  1. Targeting your customers in store and on your current materials
  2. Automatically sharing your promotions through your social media
  3. Importing your current mobile marketing customer list from other systems.
  4. Avoiding "Offer Abuse" by allowing you to "smart" target customer types like New vs. Regular Customers.
  5. Listing your business on our searchable business directory for local consumers to find and opt in.


We insist on a Spam-Free Zone between Merchants and Consumers

A WIN-WIN for Everyone



Never Used Texting To

Engage Your Customers?



Here are some reasons to consider this method of engaging with your customers:


More and more people don’t leave home without their cell phones

98% of all text messages are read within 5 minutes

It’s a cost effective technology to reach more people for less

Our System is Super Easy to use

It’s instant when you have an offer to get out the door











Used Texting In The Past

But It Just Didn’t Work?

Here are some reasons to come back to text marketing:


With us we do the design and scheduling of your promos for you

We promote your Opt-in offers to local consumers on our exclusive business directory

With our Smart Targeting you can keep your offers to new and rare customers separate from your offers for regular customers

Our System is Super Easy to use

Our System will work with your POS for current and future promo codes



By using this mobile medium and our included marketing features, you can deliver crucial information to clients anytime, anywhere, giving them the resources to make an informed purchase!



Basic Features





blank Text Messages & Keywords
Customer acquisition and turn around is made simple and effective through use of 2-way texting.
blank Mobile Coupons & QR Codes
Create custom one-time use mobile coupons within seconds that can be added for each consumer.
blank Send Video and Pics
Wanna get your creative on? Send out video and Pics using our MMS tools.
blank Email & Social Integration
Send offers, messages, and sales alerts directly to user email and social media accounts.
blank Forms, Polls & Questionnaires
Create ways for users to send you feedback, helping you enhance your customer experience.
blank Appointments & Reservations
Set up and confirm any upcoming appointment with ease with appointment reminders.
blank Birthday Wishes
Show appreciation to your customers on their birthdays by sending individual messages.





Extended Features


blank Loyalty Program
Create virtual punch cards for users, a useful rewards tool for user acquisition and turnaround.
blank Accept Payments & Donations
Users can easily access your payment gateway and make payments for their convenience.
blank Scheduled Tasks & Auto-Responders
Produce timed campaigns that capture consumer attention with updates and offers.
blank Vehicle & Property Listings
Generate leads for sales of vehicles and properties by creating listings with our new API.
blank Text to Win
Capture your audience by running an SMS sweepstakes program of their choosing.
blank Kiosk Builder
A great way for businesses to engage with their customers is through our kiosk builder feature.








Merchant Examples



Cafe/Restaurants, Fast Food/Pizza   Small Business

Give your restaurant a boost by texting your customers. It drives traffic and offer redemption like no other.

The concept of text marketing is easy to grasp. People join your mobile rewards club to receive high value offers. Because we all read text messages, this solution is crazy effective

  Our small business customers love our reliable and affordable text marketing service. To name just a few, they take advantage of the following features: birthday rewards, text to win contests, social media integration, age verification, email capture, and email integration.
Retail Stores   Theaters

Text marketing for retail stores helps strengthen brand loyalty, promote top of mind awareness, and ultimately; increase sales.

On top of this, the supply must keep up with the demand, or else customers will shop with the competition. So how exactly do you ensure there's a demand for your supply? Text marketing.

  Amp up your ticket, food, and beverage sales with text marketing for movie theaters. Hundreds of movie theaters nationwide find value in this mobile communication tactic.
Food Trucks   Open Air Markets/Grocery

Text marketing and food trucks are a match made in modern day business heaven. This is a great way to engage with customers of all ages and increase daily foot traffic. 

Text marketing and food trucks are a match made in modern day business heaven. Send out location info, reward foodies with mobile discounts, and more.

  Text marketing helps grocery stores capture the attention of first-time shoppers, engage with returning customers, and increase in store sales. Send exclusive offers right in front of your customers, and watch as your store becomes the go to, one stop shop.
Bars/Night Clubs   Gym

A bar is only as good as its patrons, right? Build up local morale and grow your business with text marketing for bars. Our texting service is affordable, user friendly, and innovative.

Build up local morale and grow your business with text marketing for bars. Our texting service is affordable, user friendly, and innovative.

  Fire out unique text marketing offers and discourage clientele from going down the street to your competition.A gym can use text marketing to promote seasonal offers, encourage one on one training, run text to win contests, and more. If you do not try to give your members a top of the line, personalized experience, they could easily go down the street to your competition.
Salons and Spas    

Text marketing helps salons and spas strengthen relationships with regular clientele, organize appointments, and promote product discounts.




Mass Communication



Non-Profits   Human Resources

When it comes to marketing for nonprofits, community support is essential. Non- Profits regularly need to keep up awareness and spreading campaign messages to meet annual fundraising goals.

Text marketing can help keep your nonprofit on track. Fire out event reminders, donation requests, monthly milestones, and more.


When you're ready to get the word out about an important announcement, event, or meeting reminder, usually time is of the essence. You can't just assume every single employee is attached to their inbox, so urgent emails sometimes fall by the wayside. Why not try text messaging for your business.? Fire out one text and keep every single employee in the know. This helps you stay on task, stay productive, and most importantly, keeps everyone informed.

Churches Faith Based   E-commerce

Bulletins, email newsletters, phone trees; you've tried them all. Bottom line? Core communication at your church is suffering. As a result, attendance is starting to dwindle, and that's the last thing you want. If people don't receive information about service changes or upcoming events; they won't participate.

Text messaging helps churches enhance core communication, increase member involvement, and grow their ministry.


We love partnering up with innovative ecommerce stores and showing them how to grow their business with text message marketing.

We're suckers for online shopping. Think about it. We're sort of an ecommerce store ourselves. With that said, all our awesome text marketing features were built with digital usability in mind. Our current ecommerce customers are using drip marketing campaigns, text to win contests, email capture, email integration, and unique promo codes. The list doesn't stop there, but these are the popular options.

Business - Sales Leads   Radio Stations

Control and enhance your lead generation efforts with text message marketing. It's instantaneous, easily accessible, and best of all, over 90% of all text messages are read within five minutes or less.

What do you call a business owner who doesn't collect leads? Someone who won't be in business for long. You can't just cross your fingers and wish for new customers. You must get out there, and regularly add to your growing list of contacts. That's where text messaging comes in.


Thousands of locals are plugged into your radio station, so why not use SMS to engage with your listeners? Text marketing is an excellent way to connect with your audience and creates an entirely new product to sell to advertisers.

We love seeing local radio stations maximize their reach and listener engagement with SMS marketing. Considering the high open rates, this marketing method also offers a huge advantage to their regular advertisers. Text messaging brings a modern touch to a traditional form of advertising.

Education   Real Estate

Text messaging helps staff stay in touch with students, parents, and administration during a time of emergency. Relay event reminders, closings/cancellations, and last-minute updates.

Hundreds of colleges, high schools, and other educational institutions nationwide use our texting service to send out mass, informative notifications. From emergency alerts and reminders, to closings and cancellations, text messaging is the best way to communicate with thousands of students at the click of a button.


It takes a special kind of person to find success in the housing market. Kickstart your real estate career with mobile lead generation.

Text marketing might seem like an overwhelming concept. Truth is, it's the one simple tool you're missing in your real estate business. Send listing information to interested leads in a matter of seconds with our easy to use platform.



What's the best way to get an important message to a large group of people in a matter of seconds? Mass texting. When controlling community-based communication, spread a quick alert with one simple SMS.

In the past, most municipalities and government-based institutions relied on direct mailers for the majority of their communication. Some have used "robocalls" which people never answer. But times have changed, and this shift calls for a new communication solution.


No Setup Fees, No Contracts, No Hassle.


blank The system is easy to use and reasonably priced and packed with more features than the competition. For instance our system allows you to do smart targeting to avoid "offer abuse" by those patrons that only spend money on the offers you put out to get new business and repeat customers. Not sure what level to sign up for? Here's a comparison of our plans:



[ARPrice id=177]


*1st 13 Free when you sign up for a paid plan. That gives you 3-6 months to get used to your dashboard while your campaigns are still getting out there. After that we can continue to do it for you for just an additional $10 per campaign. That include design of any images and scheduling and delivery to your subscribers.

Return on Your Investment Calculator


As a business owner just like you, we get it!

We ask the same questions as our like our customers do when we are looking at tools to help us grow...


#1 - What does it cost?

#2 - How much Return On my Investment can e expect to see?



CliqLocal VIP Club

Want to see if this is right for your business? Fill out the form below with the values that most apply to your industry or business. Some values we put in as averages but feel free to change any of them that apply to your situation. This is just an estimate of the Returns you would have if you utilized our system. Call us today to increase your revenue.

Select one of our packages Our $199 package is the one most merchants get

How often per month you'd like to text specials to your list

Avg % of people that you expect to want your text deal

No. of people you expect to easily opt in for your specials

Avg rate people on list will read text (97% is the norm)

Avg size of ticket by your customers when they visit



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