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Most text marketing firms throw you into the deep end to figure it out on your own after you sign up. Pssst News Flash. We're not your average firm. We take it to the next level so you don't have to sweat the small stuff when trying to promote your business. Check out the TON of FEATURES our platform has compared to the competition.

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Interested in increasing return business and getting new customers? You've come to the right place.

Not Apples to Apples

We're not just a texting platform. We're a complete system that promotes you from all directions. With others, you get a way to send out texts to your list that only you build. You're lucky to get instructions much less someone answering the support line, if you ever have trouble. Not sure if it's for you? Click the "ROI Calculator" Button below to see if it's worth it. We pretty sure you're going to be surprised.

Customer Retention Scale

The process of gaining and keeping your customers

CliqLocal Mobile Marketing

Are You Reaching 97% Of Your Customers, Every time?

You know how important it is to advertise to keep customers interested in your business. TV, radio, direct mail and print ads are expensive, and this passive form of advertising isn't always seen or heard—the right consumer may not even be exposed to your ad.

It makes sense to use text messages to deliver your announcements and updates directly to consumers. It is the most effective mobile marketing solution that you can manage at a fraction of the cost of other forms of advertising for your business.  We even have solutions for Faith Based Organizations that work in the same way. Click on this video to see an example of how it works.

We know you get busy delivering for your customers. To help with that, our service can assist you in laying out your campaigns in 13-week increments. Consistency and frequent communication to your growing list of customers will bring you return business and more profits.

Using our 3 platforms we'll provide extended engagement of current customers looking for your business. That's even before they have even stepped foot in it. This IS NOT like any other system; this is proven to be the most efficient and surprisingly inexpensive solution on the market.

Not sure how your business would use our platform to increase return visits and get new customers? Visit our Idea Factory.

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